Super Pimp

Do you remembered the classic hit serries from the eighties? It was a wonderfull time, and you enjoyed every second of it! Those man drove around in their cool and pimped van

Do you ever think about, what would become of those guys. What would they do now, working for Burger King? And where are they now? Now we needed them the most, in the war on terror. More..

Pimped Out Cars

Lada Samara Super Car

The Lada Samara super car is reborn. Some of you Lada and automotive enthusiast, already assaulted me with questions about this remarkable car. This piece of craftsmanship is build by Soviet automaker AvtoVAZ from 1984 until 2004.

pimped my lada samara

Pimp my Lada

Like many others we are following the success of the American series "Pimp My Ride", there's renewed interest in personalizing your Lada. Beware - some of the stuff you see around might not be legal in your country!

pimped plates

Number Plates
It is very cool now a days to have your own personalised number plates. From the obscure to the outrageous they're all there! They can be relatively cheap or very expensive. The right plate can also turn out to be an investment! However there are strict rules. And sorry guys, Lada Samara Pimp Daddy 69, (LSPD 69) is already taken.

lada windscreen tinting

Windscreen Tinting
Effective and relatively cheap way to customize a car is to apply tint a tint to the windows. There are laws about how much light needs to be allowed through tinted windows.

furry dice

Furry Dice
Straight back from the 70's are the furry dices. Back in fashion and very cheap to pimp your Lada, they are available at your local Halfords dealer and most car accessory shops. Beware the legal issue of having items obstructing your vision.

leopard skin

Furry seats, leopard skin patterns and particularly pink fur for the girlie's who want to pink their Lada's interior! But also the tax disc holders in pink, silver and most other colours. Failure to keep your tax up to date will result in an automatic fine. Right now the gear knobs are also available in metallic and natural wood.

Pimp your Ride to..

Jaguar MK II De mooie Jaguar MK II is ook bekend als Mk2, Mk 2 of MkII, het is een middelgrote sedan auto gebouwd door het bedrijf Jaguar in Coventry, Engeland. De Mark 2 was een mooie, snelle en statige auto.